A Flop’s Guide To 2017

I think we can all agree that 2016 was a disaster of a year. I’m not going to go into politics or anything, but Prince died, and there are very few things worse that that.

I, for one will not stand for 2017 sucking too. Join me in making this year as good as it can be.

Small Acts of Kindness: Change someones whole day by being kind, smile at others, hold doors open, if you see someone struggling help them out. It isn’t too hard, it’s really the little things that can make someones day better.

Use Your Words: Words of encouragement can help anyone out. Everytime you think of a compliment, say it out loud. Tell people when their hair looks nice, compliment someones shirt. Live is too short to hold back the love.

Keep it Clean: Houses get dirty quick, laundry and dishes pile high. Clean as you go, don’t neglect your email, clear them as they come in. The cleaner my room is the less stressed I am, for real.

Slow down: There are moments of time in which you feel at ease. Hold them. My friends and I call them “Weightless” because thats how we feel in those seconds. They happen quickly and sometimes you don’t even know they happened until after the feeling has passed. Hold them close anyway.

Alrighty guys, those are all the tips I have for you today. If you want more posts like this feel free to comment,e-mail, or dm us (all contact info is here) I hope you have a great Wednesday.

Talk later,



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