Small rant/advice

Ok I have something to say, I’m sorry if its too long. So when you have best friends you will do anything for them. Honestly I try, mostly do this with everything I can really do without breaking any laws. When it comes to the fact that you will do anything for your best friends, but they wont equally do the same thing honestly it really does suck. Mostly when you try and talk about things that went wrong and one simply ignores the problem and dosen’t talk. When someone dosen’t like to talk, yes I respect it, but as a human being we cant survive without talking. So yes it’s harder for some people to talk, but they’re going to have to learn how to do his sooner or later. Sooner is surely better because this will get you better chances in life, and wont ruin you relationships with other people. But please when someone asks you to talk, it is not to piss you off, it’s just a way that person is trying to both teach you and to keep that relationship from breaking. I am currently in a situation like this with a certain person, and honestly I hate it because I just like everyone being happy, but welcome to the world this is life.

Just a pro tip to anyone who dosen’t like to talk, you will learn sooner or later. Yes it is hard, I personally love talking maybe too much than I should, so I don’t fully know. So just try your hardest to come out of your comfort zone, in this case it will do you very well in life!-Isa


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