Hardships and Friendships

Hi my dudes, in light of recent events, this one is nessacary. We wish that our friends would understand us and all of the decisions we make. However that is not always the case. The thing with most friendships is that when they go through hardships it is only human nature that we fix things. Typically speaking we fix hardships by talking. 
I personally talk through my problems. I think this is an important skill to have. For example, if you want a raise you don’t sit and wait for your boss to give you one, you ask. Just like if your partner cheats on you, you bring it up. You need to know how to talk. 
If you are having problems with your friends you must talk. Ecspecially if your friend asks you to. If you are not comfortable with talking sometimes you need to swallow your pride and talk anyway. Talking solves problems, ignoring doesn’t. 

Friendship is about comprimise and communication. It is very hard to maintain friendship otherwise. You must understand things from both points of veiw.
Please my loves, remember, sometimes you get caught up in your own feelings and forget about others.


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