Television Series 

I am not violently into tv shows, but there are some series that I’m kinda in love with. I’m a little obsessed as you could probably tell by my personal instagram (heres the link 😉) What I watch greatly depends on my mood, heres a few shows I love and recommend.                                        Criminal Minds- 12 seasons of insane killers and tragic losses. Admitly, at least 64% of the reason I watch is Dr. Spencer Reid.                   Futurama-When I’m in a playful, less focused mood I watch this. It is often background noise. Still, a great show for a chuckle or two.                 New Girl- I adore this show. Between Jess and Nick’s ongoing romance (which I’ve shipped since the fall of Rome) and Winston’s inablty to amount to anything more than a failure (same) this show is a perfect mix of funny and real.                                                                                  That 70’s Show- There is nothing  better than a show about 6 highschoolers that drive around and get high in basements. Its relaxed, hilarious, and kind of a mess. In other words, perfect.                                                                                                                                                                                I of course love more shows but those four are always on my current watch list. Let me know any other show recommendations!


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