Change Is Scary

I have always loved the idea of s fresh start, but as I age I feel the hopefulness draining out. I don’t live a hard life, I’m pretty lucky, honest. Sometimes, however, I feel as if I have aged too fast. My life is moving so slow but my mind is moving so fast. I will not go into depth just yet but change is coming. With the new start of a new year I am sure that change is in the air.
Almost as scary as change is the waiting. The stress and anticipation in the weeks leading up to change is enough to drive any adult mad. A teenager who hardly understands how to deal with her emotions stands no chance.
Change, although scary, is good. Walking out of 2017 I will not be the same girl who walked in. Not in a “New year. New me.” Kind of way. The year ahead will shape me, and shape you, and shape our entire planet. Time changes people and feelings and truthfully everything around us.
I hope you guys don’t mind the 2017 posts lately, I also hope you don’t mind the more story time kinda posts.


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