Just a Little Tip for Today and Forever

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been on lately I’ve just been very busy with home work and musical. Now that I’m back for a little, I have a little something to say that everybody should listen to.

Suddenly I’ve realized,  a lot of people have called me either of the following: Annoying, Idiot, Moron, Dumb, Stupid, or am told that “Someone loses brain cells whenever I say or do something.” Last night during dinner with my family we started talking. About how people learn at different times. Then I started thinking, maybe that’s not me, maybe I just am an idiot. The I realize, I’ve never had bad grades, it’s always been A’s and B’s. So obviously I’m not dumb, I’m actually smart. Sometimes I don’t say the brightest things, but I’m not joking when I say something. If I laugh at my self laugh a long or just shut up, don’t call me dumb. I know sometimes I may be annoying, but don’t call me annoying. Just laugh a long or leave me alone. If you are a person who calls people these things please stop. It truly may be funny in the moment, but once the person remembers all of those times that you’ve called them any of those things they will truly be hurt. Because someone that lives without caring about what anyone thinks, it is harder for them to realize that those words aren’t very pleasing to hear. Once they think it will go down for them. So please take this in fact next time you’re about to call someone one of these words. Please, please do.


P.S: I’ll be posting more, so don’t worry.


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