Shein Favorites

Some of my favorite things on Shein is the “by the people, for the people” vibe. However, I obviously love clothing they have to offer. The website (and app!!) both offer lookbooks, to show you how REAL PEOPLE look sporting their goods. (Reviews also show pictures of people who bought the clothes in the clothes!!)

Without any further ado, I’m showing you some of my favorite clothing pieces, and some rockin’ looks from the people who bought them!

Links to all the clothing pieces and looks will be below!

I adore this navy blue “FRENCH” sweatshirt, its simplistic and the reviews call it soft and cozy 😉 ((ONLY $9.00!!))

This beautiful red dress makes my heart happy. Spring is coming (slowly, but it’s coming)  and I feel like you could totally rock it with little effort. (($15.00))

I really love the color of this hoodie, it’s shorter than most people expected, but I still think Its very cute.  (($8.00) 

I have a kind of really unhealthy obsession with overalls, I don’t why, I’m just an overall kind of girl. So when I saw these it wasn’t very surprising that I saved them straight away. (($22.00))

Colors kinda spook me out, but this green “GEEK” shirt is 100% a necessity in my wardrobe. (($10.00)) 










Navy Blue French Hoodie

Red Dress

Yellow Hoodie

Denim Overalls

Geek Shirt


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